On the 4th of November 2022, Evans Kiragu announced that their title The President had raked in 10,000,000 downloads. The head of Mekan Games added that they are excited about the updates they have lined up.

This announcement by the Kenyan-based studio received many congratulatory messages from numerous African video game industry stakeholders.

The game which is published by CrazyLabs rose to the top of the mobile gaming charts following its release in June and has steadily been growing a following since.

In an interview on The Johana Riquier Show Evans said, “I think it really hit me that the game was going to go viral when I started noticing that some creators on YouTube were making some really funny gameplay videos and recording themselves as they play the game and experience the humour that is in it.

I think as game developers we love creating games but when someone else picks up the game and creates content around the game, it probably means that we have a really good product. I think that is when it hit home that this could go quite big and we might have a viral game on our hands.”

Evans and I had an extensive conversation on his journey so far and how his experience has been leading Mekan Games as well as the direction they took with their title The President. You can read an extensive piece with Evans on GIA, where he touches on his journey and the focus on The President.

The President and Mekan Games is in the running for several awards at the Games Industry Africa Awards.