A little over a decade ago in 2010 a group of Kenyan female software engineers that were passionate about changing the landscape of the technology field, came together and created a community – AkiraChix.

The community’s initiatives were kick-started by a generous donation from Craft Silicon, a Kenyan fintech firm. This allowed them to travel to informal settlements and give girls a chance to learn more about technology. It was during that time that they fell in love with the feeling of seeing a girl who never had access to a computer at home graduate from a novice to a programming whiz. This is what birthed AkiraChix. AkiraChix supports, connects and inspires women in the tech space and currently runs a training program called ‘codeHive’ for girls and young women.

AkiraChix aims to be the world’s leading source of African female technology talent. They intend to do so by providing the most promising young women in Africa, with technology and entrepreneurial skills to compete economically and bridge the gender gap in technology. For a period of 12 months, the trainees get to learn programming languages such as Python, JavaScript and Kotlin as well as graphic design.

Additionally, they acquire soft skills and mentorship to become better versions of themselves as well as support systems for each other. AkiraChix reports that 84% of their graduates are confirmed junior developers and gainfully employed. The highest monthly salary of codeHive graduates  2 years after graduating is USD 2,150, 1 year after graduating is USD 1,500 and 180 days after graduating is USD 910.

AkiraChix primarily targets young women between 18-24 years from underserved communities who have completed high school education but cannot further their education due to financial constraints. They are hosted in the AkiraChix campus where they receive housing, food, shelter and medicare pulling them away from any distractions at home which normally impede their growth and learning.

AkiraChix currently seeks to recruit 100 highly motivated young women from Kenya, Ethiopia, Rwanda, Tanzania, Uganda and the refugee communities in Kenya to join the codeHive class of 2023.

These young women will receive on-demand technology and non-cognitive skills.  They will also get an opportunity to attend and network at technology conferences and workshops. Towards the end of the training, all the students are required to develop market-ready prototypes, pitch to prospective employers, and secure a three-month paid internship. The deadline for applications is on the 21st of October 2022.

To apply follow this link,https://akirachix.com/