Tunisian Galactech LLC, represented by its CEO, Houcem Maiza, was named “Supernova-Top MENA startup” at GITEX Global 2022 after competing with numerous prominent startups in the area and securing the $8,000 prize.

GITEX GLOBAL, being one of the world’s biggest technology-fueled events and a hotspot for developers and technology-based startups, was held in Dubai and welcomed more than 750 startups from around the world as well as over 400 investors.

Tech startups were able to showcase and present their innovative ideas to a large number of Investors and individuals of high calibre in a series of challenges and competitions.

Galactech is one of the biggest emerging startups in the gaming and esports scene. It has been operating for almost 7 years while steadily expanding into the MENA region with its numerous services.

Galactech’s main mission is to nurture a solid community for gamers in the MENA region through a set of fundamental solutions presented in its technology-based services and generated content. 

T7D Gaming is Galactech’s latest release. Presenting an inclusive esports-based application that allows gamers from the MENA region to compete casually and professionally with each other in a safe and healthy e-sports environment. The app contains several features such as an in-build e-shop and a rich tournament section for gamers to have a premium experience from start to finish. For more information on the app, visit www.t7dgaming.com