In light of an escalation in games industry related cyber-attacks, one African developer has sought to learn about what it takes to keep his company safe.

Leaks can have completely different effects on a project. For instance, if you as a game developer decided to spend money on promoting the game then someone leaked it for selfish reasons. A lot of marketing money would have gone down the drain as well as the time you spent strategizing.

A leak also means that your company has serious security issues. As a result, the company becomes less trusted and can drive away any potential investors since they know that your company can’t keep a secret. One such recent example is the GTA 6 leak.

The CEO of Chroma Pixel Games Edwin Kapesa is currently studying Cyber Security at the Zambia University of Technology. He had the following to say at an interview he attended at Prime Television Zambia. “As Chroma Pixel Games we are working with cloud services like AWS from Amazon. We are no longer letting our games sit down on local servers where they can easily be targetted by DDOS attacks and so on.”

A large number of gamers are young players with a limited understanding of security practices. Edwin added the following to address this situation. “We are creating this online registration where gamers are going to be registering according to an age restriction. This way the team at Chroma Pixel will know which games are going to be accessible to them. Parents will also be able to track and see what’s in the kids’ zone and adults’ zone.”

People indulge in gaming for entertainment. If it becomes a threat to their financial and reputational well-being, they will shy away from it and seek other safer modes of entertainment.

As game developers then we need to prevent such a scenario by inserting cybersecurity measures into our software, hardware and networks such as stronger authentications and other security controls that make it tougher for attackers to take over.