The tides of change might be shifting with regards to the perception of gaming and esports following the announcement of a bilateral partnership agreement between the Lagos State Government and the Government of France which lays the foundation for the development of esports in Lagos State.

In a social media post, Bukola Akingbade (CEO, Kucheza Gaming), shared her delight at the news.

Along with other investors in the esports community, Eniola Edun (CEO, GAMR) Sidney Esiri (CEO, KON10DR), it is an honour to be part of a foundational step towards the development of the #esports ecosystem. This MOU aims to invest in the building of the esports infrastructure, education and developmental support for the local esports community, knowledge exchange and access to new markets and existing global esports structures. Special thanks to the Executive Chairman, Mr. Sola Aiyepeku of the Lagos State Sports Commission for his commitment to the growth of esports development in Lagos State.

The esports scene has been on a roll with Gamr recently receiving financial backing from Google.