Maliyo Games is a leading mobile game developer from Nigeria that despite the drive to create and release new games – such as their latest title – Chicken Pickin, also seeks new ways to innovate.

In a post announcing their latest title, Maliyo Games CEO, Hugo Obi also shared news of a new development pipeline that has helped their internal team scale up on their creative output.

In June, I changed the way we develop games to focus on a process-driven rapid prototyping model. This approach gives a team of 2 mobile game developers 4 weeks to develop a game prototype with each team operating autonomously. The objective is to build stronger teams by empowering our developers to make design and development decisions quickly, learn continuously, and more importantly, to get new games to market more frequently, allowing us to understand our audience preferences.

Hugo Obi, CEO – Maliyo Games

Chicken Picken is the first of their Rapid Prototype titles with Maliyo hoping to release a further five before the end of the year and up to 20 games in 2023.

The past month has been a busy one for the studio following the news that their annual development bootcamp – GameUp Africa had rceived applications from over a thousand applicants from nine different African countries.

Super delighted that we started this year’s game developer bootcamp with 3x more people than last year from 9 African countries. I have no idea how we’ll train this large volume of individuals from so many diverse cultures and backgrounds, but this is one of the missions Maliyo Games is dedicating time and resources to do.

Hugo Obi, CEO – Maliyo Games

Chicken Pickin is available to download from the App Store now.