Nigerian developers, GBROSSOFT have begun work on a series of short videos designed to build on the lore of their upcoming game – Outliver: Tribulation entitled “Story of the Dead.”

In a social media post the team said,

“The idea for this came by as a result of us looking for ways to develop our cinematic skills while also improving other associated skills ranging from 3D modelling, texturing and animation among others. We settled on making these learning sessions project based and as a result ended up with Story of The Dead.”

“The Story of The Dead is a mini animated series that explores the events leading to the final moments of life of the random undead characters that get executed in most zombie games or movies to see what kind of people they were before they turned. Were they heroes, psychopaths or calm and unassuming folks?” The developers will be hoping to shed some light on the above questions.

The studio have so far had an eventful 2022, starting with them being recipients of an EpicMegaGrant and revealing that their third person shooter will be a multiplatform title.