Keza 3D Game was developed by  DopeApps a company based in Rwanda. It is a gamification platform that educates young people on adolescent and sexual reproductive health using a 3D endless runner game.

In October 2021, the Keza team reported that they had conducted a successful pilot testing in the Rwandan, Huye district to get feedback from their users on the needed improvements. They discovered that 95% of the 100 students who participated in the test said it was their first time seeing a 3D video game.

This gamification solution has received numerous awards and recognition. In 2019 DopeApps won USD 10,000 as seed capital from the Government of Rwanda. They stood out of the 700 hundred projects that applied for the awards, the 40 that were chosen and the 10 that won to be shortlisted for the 3 best projects. The seed capital was intended for the continuation of the development of the winning projects.

They received the award during the 2019 iAccelerator organized by Imbuto Foundation. iAccelerator is a mentorship-driven acceleration programme, that supports young entrepreneurs with financial assistance and skills to generate innovative solutions in response to sexual and reproductive health challenges.

In 2020 at the EU: Africa The Journey Hackathon, Keza 3D Game clinched the second place overall winner position. This means that they received an additional 15,000 € in order to continue developing their gamification platform. The CEO of DopeApps Rwanda Gaelle Abi Gisubizo shared her experience at the hackathon as follows, “The experience in EU: Africa The Journey was phenomenal! We had an amazing time and the best mentors. I wish all the young people could grab this life-changing opportunity.”

EU: Africa The Journey is an online hackathon and conference bringing fresh solutions to socio-economic problems in Africa and in Europe. The Keza team has successfully run numerous activations as evidenced by photos and videos on their social media platforms. In the words of Gaelle “ Nothing for teen mothers without teen mothers.”. They seek to create meaningful solutions by engaging directly with the intended end user.

In 2021 Keza 3D Game was selected to be one of the top innovations exhibited at the AU Innovating Education in Africa Expo. This Expo provides a platform for showcasing homegrown education innovations that have the potential to transform education and improve its outcomes.

In 2022, DopeApps joined nine other game development companies in Africa to form The Pan African Gaming Group (PAGG). The new initiative to grow the continent’s gaming industry is likely to give a chance for teens across the continent to experience Keza or a variation of Keza tailored to them. Keza’s journey is still underway and with the rapid growth of young people with internet-connected smartphones across the continent, it is high time that they get to experience this multi-award-winning 3D video game.