Nigerian developer, Sunday Akor has been on a whirlwind journey since he decided to take the social media route to buildand establish in his game – Virago which seems to have paid off.

On May 2022, Sunday Akor the Founder of Honest Chronicles Studios announced that he received an email from AppBrain saying that Virago was currently ranked no. 7 making the top 10 list of adventure games in the United States (US).

Virago is a 2D adventure game which focuses heavily on story-telling and platforming, as it is set in a sprawling interconnected world with black and white graphics.  

The game is about a young girl called Willow, in which after an incident with her stalker, she begins to suffer from hallucinations, which then subsequently makes her begin to lose sight of what’s real and fake in her immediate environment and this begins to affect her emotionally and psychologically.

Sunday added, “ Virago was listed at the new and trending games when it was also released on Steam in the US and now it’s new and trending on Google Play! Looking forward to reaching my milestone of 100k downloads.”

Sunday went on to highlight the fact that right after his game was approved to be released on iOS he made a lot of sales before he even got a chance to announce the release. He said he was glad to see how strong his fan base was and because of them Virago was currently no. 10 paid app/game on the US/UK app store.

On June 5th 2022 Sunday alluded to a new release of the very first HyperCasual game he’s done Virago Run. He said he is excited about if and that they currently have a preregistration list of over 3000 fans who are also excited. A peek at the comment section of Viragos online platforms will give you a glimpse of how much people love their games.

To learn more about how Virago was built on social media, read the interview from Stephen Ojo.