Sylvia Gathoni aka QueenArrow is a woman of firsts. She was listed as one of Forbes Africa’s Top 30 Under 30 innovators. In addition to this, Sylvia will go in the history books as one of the first e-sports athletes to make the Forbes global trailblazers’ list.

Sylvia was also the first Kenyan to be signed by a major e-sport company after her deal with America’s XiT Woundz. She is currently the only woman in Tekken 254 Circuit aka the Savannah Circuit. Tekken 254 is the Tekken community in Kenya that seeks to grow the Tekken scene in Kenya.

The 23-year-old Kenyan started her e-sport career in her teens and is currently also working as a content creator. In October 2021 she graduated with a Bachelor of Law degree from the Catholic University of Eastern Africa. She is currently enrolled at the Kenya School of Law.

When asked how she juggles school and career without compromising Sylvia admitted that it has been tricky to maintain balance. She said, “My parents have sacrificed to put me through law school. Even as I game, I always remind myself that I have an obligation to meet them by doing well in my studies. I am determined to demonstrate that it is possible to balance school and my e-sports career.”

Sylvia had the following to say about her recognition, “I am super honoured to be part of the Forbes Africa 30 Under 30 Class of 2022. It shows that Forbes is not only recognising e-sports as a valid career path but it is also recognising that the African continent is a peer and equal in the e-sports world. There is obviously a lot of untapped talent in this field.”

Sylvia was recognized in the Forbe’s list alongside 3 other Kenyan women, comedian Elsa Majimbo, Dr Joan Ruguru Kimani and Mukuru Clean Stoves founder Charlot Magayi. The list also includes Africans under the age of 30 who are inventive entrepreneurs, tech enthusiasts, sports stars and creatives.