NIBCARD is a tabletop game company based in Nigeria that has been in operation since 2013. Founded by Kenechukwu Ogbuagu, a passionate fan of board games and with a portfolio of over fourty titles in tow, he has become synonymous with the budding tabletop community in Nigeria.

However, it was registered under the Nigeria’s Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) in 2016 and has since designed and manufactured 33 ‘made in Nigeria’ Tabletop Games, including manufacturing for clients.

The team at NIBCARD believes in spreading the culture of board games in Nigeria by designing games Nigerians can relate to. NIBCARD introduced a yearly Tabletop Games convention. The Tabletop Games convention is called the African Board Games Convention (AB Con). 

AB Con aims to introduce people to the beautiful experience of tabletop games with two high key establishment aims:

  • To boost the growth of the tabletop games industry in Africa
  • To bring together a community of tabletop games lovers, enthusiasts, designers, publishers and many more.

In line with boosting the growth of the African tabletop games industry, AB Con recently announced the AB Con games bundle. The AB Con Bundle is a project to introduce new games displayed at the convention to the rest of the world. Each year, a careful selection of games will be added to the bundle.

Instant Sync and Bidding Room: Underground are the 2022 selections. 

  1. Instant Sync is a social party game for 3-10 players that is sure to cause the whole room to shake with laughter as you try to pick the same pairing of words as others in the group to get “in sync”
  2. Bidding Room: Underground is a strategic bidding game where you undermine opponents in a bid to obtain incredible African art.

Bidding Room: Underground is designed by Kenechukwu Ogbuagu KC and published by NIBCARD Games while Instant Sync is designed by Oluwafemi Olusanya and published by Centroid Games.