Realm Games emerged from Thomas Shiva’s long love for gaming. As a hardcore gamer, he would make mods of his favourite games like Need for Speed and FarCry. 

This habit of making mods cultivated a desire for more and that is how the idea of making games grew in him. In 2016 he decided to register and reserve the name of his studio in Rwanda and so Realm Games was born.

Realm Games is the Game Development Department of Digital Realm Entertainment which is a startup company based in Kigali, Rwanda.

Digital Realm Entertainment aims to develop and create some of the, most unique experiences that tell African stories. They are preparing a TV/Film Department, a Comic Department and a VFX Department.

Thomas spoke to GIA about their first title Tribal Conclave.“ The idea came from some of the region’s tribal history. In this region, there were many interesting historical figures and events that shaped the past leading to many myths and legends. 

They included; tribal territorial conquests of some Rwandan and Ugandan King Dynasties seeking an expansion of their kingdoms, stories on the riches of the Ugandan and Congolese Kingdoms and the geographical aspects of the region at the time… It was like a conclave of Tribes.” 

Thomas is passionate about storytelling and observes that although there are so many African stories to tell. There are no African stories in most modern games making it difficult for the majority of Africans to relate to the stories.

If all goes according to plan Realm Games plans to release Tribal Conclave in the first quarter of 2024. At the moment they are through with most of the concepts and characters.