The Angolan games industry is by all definitions nascent. It is inhabited by a growing player base although the transition to professional game development is still the endeavour of a handful of passionate creators.

The industry has a small development community trying to embrace esports, but any development pipeline is crippled by the lack of an established revenue stream. On both Android and Apple, Angolan developers cannot sell paid apps and games on the Stores. As at the time of writing, Apple still doesn’t offer merchant registration.

In a country that is applying policies to help it diversify its economy beyond oil, a boon in the tech and games industry would be one embraced by the current regime.

Games Industry Ecosystem

Studio NameWebsitePlatformsStatus
DeveloperRichard Garcia
DeveloperJoaquim Monteiro, VRActive
DeveloperInteractive Load (Kevin Chantre)
DeveloperBantu Games

Voice of the developer

In Angola gaming is not very big. There’s a lot of people who want to play games, but there are few that want to develop. There are no records, the only way is to talk to people who were involved in gaming.

Richard Garcia, Solo game developer

Events and Community

Angolan Gaming Community

Online community that is all about the Angolan gaming scene. Particular focus on esports.

Comunidade Game Dev Angola

Game dev community that hosts game jams.