Amilcar Technologies is a Tunisian game development startup focusing on providing high-quality games across a multitude of platforms. Their work has been recognized with awards locally and internationally that include but not limited to International Mobile Gaming Awards, Middle East North Africa (IMGA MENA) and more.

The founder of Amilcar Technologies Mohamed Ala Elbehi announced 2 new hires on the 17th of January 2021. Hakim Mejri and Ahmad Seddik join the team as Unity Game Developers. The company has grown its team to consist of people from 3 different countries Tunisia, Egypt and South Africa.

Mohamed went on to share Amilcar Technology’s 2022 roadmap as follows:

  1. Mobile game development focusing on hyper-casual (HC)/idle/merge games in partnership with leading publishers on the market. (already 3 HC prototypes were developed and tested in the first 15 days of January! )
  2. The development of game testing platforms for new mobile publishers as game testing platforms are becoming a standard among HC mobile publishers to facilitate the workflow for developers and optimise/save time spent by user acquisition (UA)/publishing managers on the same procedures every time a game gets tested.

He went on to say “We are announcing that we provide complete testing platforms for new publishers having all necessary features.

The last five months have seen them complete two custom game testing platforms for two new mobile publishers. They encourage game publishers who want to create a testing platform for their partner developers to reach out to them directly.