The continent has a sizeable number of game jams taking place at any given time. Thanks to Benin’s first dedicated gaming enterprise – Andounian Africa Lab, it can add another to the list.

Benin may still be some way off from being heralded as one of the games industry hotspots (it currently boasts a single development entity), but this could be the fuel to flame the passions of aspiring game developers.

Not exactly the first. Epitech is a French university school which organized the global game jam each year, and sometime their own game jam inside the school. But outside we don’t have this event, so in this case it was the first.

“For this edition we had at least 25 developers, but between them more are beginners, so this game jam was also a kind of tutorial and discovering new things according to game development,” Isdine Ibrahima Gnorra from Andounian Africa Lab stated.

“And yes we plan to make this an annual event to promote game development in the country, also plan “Game Camp” to teach people interested in game development how to make game,” he concluded.

Andounian Africa Lab is currently hard at work developing their first project: Supko – In Quest of my Identity.