The latest creative to spring from Kenyas blossoming game development scene is Kunta Content. The studio which was forged from the AfricaGameDev program in November 2020 has revealed its first project – HIRU.

Named after Kunta Kinte, the main protagonist from Alex Haley’s seminal work, Roots, the studio was born largely thanks to the cohort fostered by the Africa Game Dev Program which has played a pivotal role in blooding new talent across the African continent.

Billed as a sprawling story, the game will center around HIRU, the teenage son of a Maasai king who will embark on a quest for vengeance and redemption for his family, while also seeking to “retire” the poachers and safeguard Maasai ancestral lands from environmental destruction.

Speaking on the games journey to fruition, Kunta Content founder and producer Dean Gichukie said, “We started working on HIRU 7 years ago in 2014. The idea of the game was sketched out back then and then shelved. It spent 7 years waiting for the tools, ability, energy and talent to assemble and bring it to life.”

The plan is to launch HIRU episodically on both PC and consoles with each episode released over the next four years starting in 2022.