Kiro’o Games has long been a trend setter across the continent in numerous way. With the release of their most recent title in the rear view mirror, the studio founder and CEO Olivier Madiba has lifted the lid on the performance of Aurion: Kajuta Gems Fighter and hints at the future.

Aurion: Kajuta Gems Fighter released to much local fanfare on July 1st and has just crossed 22k downloads. A breakdown of its revenue map can be seen below.

Despite the numerous milestones achieved by the game, Madiba admits, they faced some challenges with revenue generation.

“We lost almost 83% of players who wanted to pay in the rest of Africa because Our API aggregator is too buggy,” he said.

“Aurion: Kajuta Gems Fighter is not just a game. We’ve built a complete ecosystem to manage our users like a customer relationship tool that sends them gifts without Google tech. What the data shows is that when in a country with good payment methods like Cameroon to include direct USD payment, people pay without any hesitation,” Madiba concluded.

Kiro’o Games is renowned for developing the first African RPG (Aurion: Legacy of the Kori-Odan) and most recently a crowdfunded investment callout that has garnered significant financial support.