AFRIA, the Francophone Agency for Artificial Intelligence has invited Mohamed Zoghlami to join its Scientific and Advisory Board.

Co-founder of afric’Up, Mohamed Zoghlami is a consultant in business engineering and strategic analysis, passionate about new technologies, animation and comics. Since the Tunisian revolution of 2011, he has worked tirelessly for the international development of African start-ups. Its goal is to bring African cultures to life around the world and to give young people the desire and the means to flourish in the creative industries.

Speaking on his appointment, Mohamed Zoghlami said, My task will be enormous on a continental scale, highlighting the convergences between AI and the digital creative industries (3D, video games, animation, VR, AR, hologram, special effects, design…) but also vis-à-vis the media and entertainment industry.

His role comes into effect imediately.