Ivory Coast based outfit, Foolen Games have entered the seemingly expanding fray of competing platforms vying to establish themselves as the go to point for games developed from the African continent.

In a growing list that includes, Gara Store, Bonako Games, Gameroon and more, Foolen Games hopes to be a home to all African games as well as address the following prevailing questions:

  • How to allow developers to make a living from their game in Africa?
  • How to introduce mobile money in the African gaming world?
  • How to reward healthily the player who spends a lot of time playing?
  • How to help large and small local or international brands to benefit Africans from their works?

Foolen (meaning Win in Fulani) Games are a team of six composed of two full stack developers, two web columnists and two co-founders respectively in finance and digital marketing. Azyz Kouyo, one of the co-founders was keen to highlight the merits of the team.

“We believe in building the African video game industry in the best possible way, by giving everything we know about this project.”

In Foolen Games, the player is rewarded after each victory with Africoins (the African electronic virtual currency), these Africoins will allow them to buy products on the STORE from the application. Products from several partner brands across Africa regardless of the nature of the trade with the store viewed as a huge virtual mall.

Foolen Games doesn’t have a firm launch date, but hopes to go live before 2022.