Jana Game Studios has teamed up with Greek outfit Heart State Games to develop Dying Byte Survival – a First Person survival shooter.

The studio, which was founded by Seifeddine Wassim Haddar has been a stable of the Algerian games industry since 2014 and their decision to partner with Heart State Games is a strategy to expand on their portfolio of games – which have been predominantly small Android based experiences.

Dying Byte Survival which is still relatively early in development plans to offer a variety of weapons and very detailed particle and effect systems, a closed quarters but also open world experience, to explore and undertake missions. One will be able to unlock weapons as well as configure loadouts for every district in the main menu.

At the end of the campaign, the game will transition to an Open World with players able to engage in what the developers have dubbed “Gun-Fu” Shooting training.

Keen to learn more about the game. A playable demo is available to download from itch.io.