Mobile games distribution and discoverability are a pain for game developers and publishers. But CareGame has developed a unique cloud gaming technology allowing any mobile game – even the newest, the heaviest, the most demanding ones – to be made available to all smartphones from 2014 on both iOS and Android, and it’s a first.

Interview with CareGame’s CEO and co-founder, Benjamin Athuil.

What is CareGame, in a few words?
It all began with a simple thought: make mobile games accessible to everyone. In 2020, the mobile games market represented $77 billion, or nearly half of the global video game market. And it’s a market that’s growing by double digits every year! It’s huge, yet inaccessible to so many gamers around the world because of incompatibility issues or lack of credit card adoption closing the doors of traditional app stores.

This is why we created CareGame, the first mobile cloud gaming solution. Our technology allows anyone to access any mobile game in just a tap. No more downloads, no more storage or incompatibility issues. We wanted any phone to enjoy the same AAA gaming experience as is the game was played locally on a high-end phone, and we are proud of what we achieved!

How is the technology marketed? Are you working with strategic partners?
Our technology is marketed through mobile operators and service providers, and we are working closely with mobile game publishers too.

We offer dev studios and game publishers the best way to leverage an additional distribution network and increase their discoverability and competitiveness on a global scale. One of our strengths is that no additional development is required to join our mobile cloud gaming solution. Any mobile game can join our catalogue today, because an APK is enough. Our solution is the simplest to integrate, and works on all smartphones from 2014, both iOS and Android. Global potential coverage is just gigantic.
Our solution is made available through mobile telcos, for whom we develop a white-label cloud gaming solution including our technology, servers, and games catalogue from partner publishers. Working with mobile operators (often through service providers) is the best way to address large and global userbases. This is how we can offer to millions of users the chance to access games and enjoy high-quality content

What are the next steps for CareGame and its mobile cloud gaming technology?
We are currently deploying our solution in several countries in Europe, Asia, Middle East, Africa, and South America, in partnership with leading mobile operators, and we are in discussions with some others.

We are also looking for more premium and amazing games to add to our games catalogue! Anyone
interested in our mobile cloud gaming solution can get in touch with us here: