South African Design Imps have won the African leg of Nordic Game Discovery Contest with their game The Endless Wyrd, a dice-deck building, roguelite adventure on PC.

The event which kickstarts the year long series of qualifiers, traditionally culminates in a lavish live showpiece event at Nordic Games a year later. However, in order to win the chance to challenge the other…well…challengers, the South African studio had to fend off competitors from Zimbabwe and Kenya.

All games offered something unique. Zawadi Games presented an ambitious title designed to take the sprawling experience of games like Euro Truck simulator and mash it with off the cuff activities made popular like games such as the GTA series. All within an African setting. Dreambox on the other hand attempted to go the well traversed route and pitched a platformer with the main character fending off the looming threat of Covid-19.

The Endless Wyrd is being developed in partnership with Jeremy de Reuck at Chosen Interactive and is expected to have a playable demo of the game once it goes onto Early Access on Steam.