NewGen Studios have been a fixture of the Tunisian games industry for four years and celebrating their latest milestone with a video marking the occasion.

NewGen is one of the first studios in Tunisia to have worked on large productions. The studio was founded by SeifEddine Ben Hamouda whilst still a student. Along with his cohort of side kicks they participated in national and international challenges with mobile games on Google Play before transitioning to PC. They are the developers of MOBA Clash: Mutants vs Pirates.

Speaking on their plans for the coming year, SeifEddine Ben Hamouda said, “It’s time for us to scale up. We are negotiating equity deals with top studios and counting on our game to succeed so we can continue supporting it and why not start a side project and plan for a next title. We are also planning to port Clash to mobile (not the same mechanics of course).

Clash: Mutants vs Pirates is currently in Early Access on Steam.