‘Jibambe na Tec’ is a hybrid festival of digital media, presented by the Alliance Française de Nairobi and the Goethe-Institut, with the support of the French German Cultural Cooperation Fund.

The Festival will highlight new digital practices in the Arts and the Gaming sector using a variety of digital technologies to create immersive, alternative, and experimental experiences and celebrate the emergence of new works of art and playful media in the digital era.

An exhibition/installation of VR films and video games will run at the Alliance Française from 16th to 30th November (except Sundays). We will be screening three VR films including ‘African Spacemakers’ (a 360° degree interactive mockumentary on creative cities), ‘Daughters of Chibok’ (a VR documentary on the missing Chibok schoolgirls) and ‘Lwanda Magere’ (an immersive storytelling experience) as well as exhibiting two video games ‘Trons Factory’ (refashioning discarded electronic gadgets into new machines) and ‘Semblance’ (a puzzle platformer game where the character and the world it inhabits is made up of playdough).

Due to the Covid-19 restrictions, some of the activities have been moved to the A MAZE. / SPACE – a virtual multiplayer 3D game environment, which is already open: https://a-maze.itch.io/amazespace

The Hyper Talks will give 10 digital creators the opportunity to present their work in 5 minutes, be it games, animation, digital art, immersive experiences, virtual reality or other playful media. The Hyper Talks will be held on Saturday, 21 November 2020.

You can also participate by sending in your games or applying to be a speaker.

Call for Hyper Talk speakers.

Call for Games.
For more on the Festival, head to the Jibambe na Tec website.