Hot off the heels of various supportive moves by some of the industry’s elite corporations. Epic has entered the fray by funding the latest education venture from the continent – dubbed African Gamedev.

African GameDev is a project developed by Net-Info in partnership with: Africa In Colors, L’Univercité Virtuelle du Mali, MwabaLab, Letiarts, Afric’Up, Ludique works, Digifab, Manga Geek Day, CTID, L’Univercité Virtuelle Privée du Gabon, et DigiArt Living Lab.

Aimed at supporting the academic development of young developers aged 18 to 30, the project will be carried out 80% online and 20% face-to-face and will commence from October 30th 2020 until March 2021. The 5-month support program is designed to teach applicants how to use Unreal Engine. As recipients of the Epic Mega Grants, anything else would have raised eye brows.

Net-Info is a Tunisian based art and technology school specialising in training in the production of 3D synthetic images, animation and video games. Developers keen to be part of the program can do so by submitting a 500 word presentation on the African Dev website.