Nookhema Interactive have taken the first tentative steps to fulfilling an ambition steeped in international recognition with the formation of a new European studio – Joinplay Games.

Sharing the news on social media, Creative Director and Founder at Noohkema Interactive Inc, Michel Nkuindja said, Thank you to the Warriors community for the support throughout this journey. At this point in my entrepreneurial adventure as a video game creator, I can tell you that the video game industry in Africa, and especially in Cameroon, is real. We have been able to demonstrate beyond the continent’s borders that we have a voice, our story to tell, our heritage to pass on… through video games and/or other media, such as comics, animated films and cinema.

However, we, Noohkema Interactive Inc., do not intend to stop there. It is with pleasure that I announce our new project Joinplay Games, a brand new game studio owned by Noohkema Interactive, but the latter is located in Europe (Finland and France). Joinplay Games has already been working on its first game, Amma: Chronicles of lost stars over the past several months, he added.

Joinplay Games is being supported by Finnish Living Game Intelligence Network (LGIN). LGIN is a free support network for the Finnish game industry that matches volunteer and mentors with young game teams to organise workshops, networking as well as offer coaching support.