Twin Drums is set to be the next developer with roots from the continent to take the crowdfunding plunge. Releasing a detailed exploration of their game – The Wagadu Chronicles lore, the Ghana/Berlin studio fronted by Allan Cudicio is gearing up for their first foray on Kickstarter.

The Wagadu Chronicles, an MMORPG with an Afrofantasy setting is Twin Drums love letter to the art of role playing. One informed by more than 20 years of Dungeons & Dragons play and MMO community experience going back to Ultima Online. That vast expanse of time and insight into the genre is evident in the 300 pages of lore and art.

“Long ago I realized that online ‘role-playing’ games, built on the mechanics but left out the ‘role-play’ part, you acting out your character,” Cudicio says. “This is such a powerful element of the experience and unsurprisingly most online games have players that endure unsuited mechanics and toxic communities to be able to role-play. Even GTA Online has a strong role-play community. That is incredible,” he said in an interview with GIA.

Born as a pen & paper world from Allan´s tabletop games, The Wagadu Chronicles developed into a full blown game project thanks to the work of the likeminded team of Twin Drums.

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