Team Lazerbeam, a Cape Town based studio are to have their latest project dubbed ‘Teenage Blob’ Half game. Half album. A colourful artsy looking -punk sounding hybrid in a unique split release with The Superweaks and funded by the makers of SUPERHOT.

The SUPERHOT Team announced a fund to support indie projects back in 2019 and have a slew of intriguing and quirky titles successfully launched.

In a post to celebrate the announcement, Team Lazerbeam said. We’re beyond stoked to be releasing Teenage Blob in partnership with SUPERHOT PRESENTS! After spending the past 6 years making and releasing our games in a punk, DIY fashion, we’re thrilled to take things to the next level with Teenage Blob. We honestly couldn’t ask for a cooler partner than SUPERHOT PRESENTS. Their faith in us has enabled the leap from part-time game-punks to full-time, mega professional, Lazerbeams. Our gratitude is bottomless: SUPERHOT Presents is the wind beneath our wings

Formed in late 2014, when friends Jason Sutherland, Richard Pieterse and Ben Rausch joined forces to make a game for Ludlum Dare 31, Team Lazerbeam philosophy is on making short, cute, surreal, personal experiences about junk food and feelings.

Despite a bunch of previous projects behind them, this will be their first release on the Steam platform. No release date has been revealed, but wishlisting the game can be done on right now.

Team Lazerbeam Tumblr