A new advocacy organization designed to collaborate, coordinate, partner, build and sustain the growth of esports on the continent has been formed. ESFA or The Esports Federation of Africa has been formed by a community of both private esports entities and national federations as well as being affiliated to WESCO.

Comprising members from 40 African countries, the goals of the organization include:

Foster brotherliness and unity across Africa using esports as a positive tool of engagement.
Using esports as a positive tool to tackle socio-economic challenges for the African youth who make up vast majority of the continent’s population.
Developing the esports ecosystem in Africa and enable it achieve global recognition.
Have esports officially recognised as a medal event at the Africa Games (AG), Africa’s own Olympic.

In a rallying cry to the local gaming industry, founding president Emmanuel Oyelakin said, “With the launch of the ESFA, African gamers now have a voice, an advocate, an organisation with grassroots developments of players at its core. We look forward very proudly and confidently to representing Africa in every capacity within the digital and entertainment space. Wherever Africa’s future is mentioned, we will be there to secure it.”

ESFA website.