Kenyan based developer, Internet of Elephants have released a new mobile AR experience – Wildeverse that transforms our currently ravaged earth into a more palatable jungle.

In the game, you join a crew of wildlife scientists working around the clock to defend wildlife. They need your help to collect the data needed to protect the last wild spaces on earth.

In a public post shared on social media, Head of Product Jake Manion said.

It began with deep research trips to Borneo and the Congo and, tbqh, has been quite a rollercoaster throughout it’s development. But we made it, and I’m super proud of what the crew have achieved – particularly the zero-hour efforts to implement a brilliant ‘indoor play’ feature.

Without this new feature we’d have a game on our hands that can only be played outdoors… at a time when that’s obviously pretty dangerous. Instead, we now offer players an incredible escape into living and breathing rainforests from the safety of home. And they may even help out some real apes while they’re at it,” Manion added.

Wildeverse is available to download from both the App and Google Play stores.