South African, Unsigned Double Collective have won the Nordic Game Discovery Contest qualifier at Playtopia MGA, thus becoming a finalist at next years Nordic Game event in Malmö.

The Cape Town based developer were founded in 2018 and appear to have struck gold with their first project – Freja and the False Prophecy, a narrative driven side scrolling action game set in Norse mythology.

We’re gaming enthusiasts with influences from amazing titles such as: Ori and the Blind Forest, Limbo, Salt & Sanctuary and Cuphead. We’re here to fulfil a dream that we’ve had for many years to life.

Unsigned Double Collective

Building on fourteen years of organising successful games industry activities, including the annual Nordic Game conference, regional funding programs, overseas networking events and other developer support initiatives, Nordic Game launched the Nordic Game Discovery Contest (NGDC) in 2016 – where selected game projects are showcased live in pitch competitions at partner events across Europe and around the globe.

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