Festival de l’Electronique et du Jeu Vidéo d’Abidjan (FEJA) has lifted the lid on the date for its third outing by founder and industry stalwart – Sidick Bakayoko.

Hosted by Paradise Games in Abidjan, FEJA is arguably Africas largest esports and gaming event and is set to return in November 2019. In an emotional unveiling, Sidick Bakayoko shared triumph of FEJAs return.

Sidick Bakayoko

More than 28 years after touching my first video game, here I am at the launch of #FEJA3, the meeting of esports and video games of Africa, talking about a dream… The one to transform the video game industry in Africa! FEJA was also a dream that turned into a project, and then to reality. I give thanks for always having the breath of life to continue the fight because at the end of the “game” only the warriors will survive. Some say that “It’s not who we are, but what we do that defines us” so if you too dream of an Africa at the “next level” help us by sharing our dream with the whole world!

FEJA3 will be held at Cosmos Yopougon from November 22 to November 24.