Carry1st have partnered with mobile giant, Supercell to bring in-game purchases such as currency, battle-passes and more to Carry1st’s storefront.

With mobile spending on the rise in Africa, the partnership will see Supercell get a march on their mobile contemporaries by tapping into Carry1st propreitary payment solution that helps unravel the complexity surrounding the continent’s myriad of currencies and payment options.

It will most importantly make it easier for African players to easily engage in Supercell’s many in-game stores attached to many of their world renowned IPs – such as Clash Royale.

CEO of Carry1st, Cordel Robbin-Coker, stated to PocketGamer, “This partnership is significant as it makes it easy for gamers in Africa to buy items from some of the most popular mobile games in the world in local currency and with payment methods that are available to them. It will also enable Supercell to boost revenue across its titles by tapping into a new, dynamic, and fast-growing gaming market.”

Co-founder and COO Lucy Hoffman followed up the statement on social media, “Thrilled to partner with Supercell — one of the giants in the industry. They have already brought delight to 4 billion players. In their quest to build games that are played for years and remembered forever — we’re thrilled to partner with them to serve their players across Africa. Well done to both teams for all of the hard work to get us to the starting line — now the fun begins!

The South African based mobile publisher is backed by a calvacade of acclaimed VCs including BITKRAFT Ventures, Andreessen Horowitz (a16z), TTV Capital, Alumni Ventures, Lateral Capital, Kepple Ventures, and Konvoy VC.