Kenyan, Kunta Content have become the first African based studio to launch on the Minecraft marketplace with Bankush An African Experience.

Named after Kunta Kinte, the main protagonist from Alex Haley’s seminal work, Roots, the studio was born largely thanks to the cohort fostered by the Africa Game Dev Program which has helped in blooding new talent across the African continent.

Minecraft Marketplace is an ever-expanding library of content crafted by community creator partners that you can download to add variety to your gameplay on Minecraft

The skin pack shows off Africa! From the Zulu to the Maasai, The Mijikenda and the Fulani to the Tuareg and the Luo.

We are showcasing African culture through this pack. As an African Game studio that makes great African games, we believe that players from all over the world are interested in unique and authentic characters, cultures & stories.

Dean Gichukie

It’s been an exciting journey for us Kunta Content (with Telvin Mbau, Kennedy Kyalo, Ian Okinda & Yvonne Asiko), being one of the first (if not the first) African Minecraft Partners and simultaneously listing on the Minecraft marketplace. This included months of research, getting feedback & testing our skins and finally the review and onboarding experience onto Minecraft.

A ton of thanks to Peter Zetterberg, Donald Brinkman, Vince Espino, James Lewis, Temi Afolabi, Christopher Douglas, Beth Arnold, Arthur Usher, @Chris norman, Joe Arsenault, Louise Obuchowski, Brenda Saucedo, Jordan Longstreth & Brian Barbosa.

Dean Gichukie

The pack can be downloaded from the Minecraft Marketplace.