Gamescom 2023 had the strongest representation of African game developers with Yellow Lab Games from South Africa making a real dent on attendees by winning an award for their upcoming title – Metavoidal.

Metavoidal took home the Best game to watch when somebody is playing it at the Indie Arena Booth at Gamescom.

Yellow Lab is an indie studio from Cape Town, South Africa. They are a small team headed by Nick Hall trying to make passionate ideas into a reality! They have experience in games development and adjacent industries, but Metavoidal is their first venture into producing their own IP. They are one of the new kids on the South African Game Dev block. Some of the most recent titles they’ve worked on by porting or co-developing include Twelve Minutes, Memoir Blue, and TABS.

Metavoidal is a 2D pixel art roguelite brawler game where you use your skills as a drummer to fight your way out of the clutches of a menacing metal band. Tap into the power of the music, and use it to strengthen your abilities and find a way to escape a corrupted crypt that you find yourself trapped in. With multiple biomes, enemies and songs

Metavoidal is being published by Astrolabe Games – a global video game publisher with a focus on indie titles and is scheduled for a 2024 launch.

Full list of winners can be viewed below:

  • Best Game Everyone Should Play This Year: Moonlight Peaks
  • Best Game With Animal Heroes: Fruitbus
  • Best Quirky And Funny Game: Lucky Tower Ultimate
  • Best Community Game: Bulwark: Falconeer Chronicles
  • Best Game To Play With A Friend: Dome Keeper
  • Best Game To Watch When Someone Else Is Playing It: Metavoidal
  • Best Game As Chosen By The Volunteers: Coreborn