As part of its continued mission to support black creatives around the world, Black Voices in Gaming has launched a new program designed to fund and support game developers from around the world.

The inaugual Xperience Excellence Accelerator Cohort consists of four studios, with the two African representatives being SpaceSalad Studios (South Africa) and Osoma Games (Nigeria).

In partnership with Netflix Games, the mobile games-focused initiative will provide the game creators with networking and industry education a $20,000 grant for development and pitching their projects to prospective investors and publishers.

Black Voices in Gaming is the brain child of co-founder, Justin Woodward, who announced the initiative saying, “Since Black Voices in Gaming’s inception, our team has been continually pursuing new programs and partnerships to help raise visibility and opportunities for developers in the Black community.”

“It is great to be able to collaborate on this program with the cohort of talented developers in the Black Voices in Gaming community.”

The full list of cohorts is below:

  • Hot Bunz, from South African studio SpaceSalad Studios
  • Chess Heroes Clash, from Nigerian game studio Oshoma Games
  • Driftwood, from U.S. studio Weathered Sweater
  • Snake Mail Delivery Service, from UK-based Gesinimo Games