Born out of an ambition to unearth, train and support the next generation of gaming talents from across the African continent, GameUp’s return for the third year is a success that highlights the thirst for knowledge and a need for structured games industry education.

Revealing the launch via social media, Maliyo Games CEO, Hugo Obi shared:

For the 3rd year running, we’re welcoming aspiring game developers across Africa to apply to GameUp Africa, a training Programme that equips talents with the essential skills required to start a career in the games industry.

This 5-month Programme combines learning with a strong community support component, experienced mentors from global companies, and a project phase where you get a chance to develop and launch your game.

Past participants have gone on to get jobs in game companies, start their own companies or explore careers in other tech fields.

If you’re interested in learning the skills required to create games, then this programme is for you.

Visit to learn more and apply before Sunday, the 20th of August.