Originally announced in November 2021, Nigerian Play Network Studios announced plans to develop a mobile game of the popular comedy series Aki and Pawpaw.

Envisioned as an endless runner, the game was developed by Blue Portal Inc, a Lagos based studio renowned for the development of mobile applications. Aki and Pawpaw is the company’s first commercial game.

Nollywood which is a reference to the hugely successful Nigerian film industry is a treasure trove of nostalgia and loved series and IPs. A fact, the head of Play Network Studios, Charles Okpaleke is keen to capitalize on.

Whilst the long term strategy is still to fully unveil itself, the short term execution of having bringing one of the more revered IPs into an easily accessible, viral and understandable format for a continent with one of the largest growing populations of mobile adoptors appears to have paid off.

As a free app released on both iOS and Android, the game topped the App Store for Free games and got to as high as top four on Android within days of its release. With over 20 years of varied content to dive into from within the Nollywood vault, it remains to be seen what title will next get the videogame treatment.

Aki and Pawpaw is available to download on iOS and Android now.