Originally announced earlier this year as Escape from Dimension-3, Nigerian Zeroscape Studios has opted to change the name of their upcoming title to Deviant-X.

Set in a time when the intelligent machines have taken over everything but wanted more;
In a bid to harness the power of the human mind, an all-powerful AI lured and trapped everyone within the cyber realm.
The Deviants are a very rare set of people in this realm that have evolved to become unaffected by the mind control of the all-powerful AI. You play as a deviant in this world as you set out to put an end to this madness.

About the game name change, yeah. The past few months has seen a lot of modifications on the whole game based on the many feedbacks we received. Deviant-X is the fruit of that labour.

Zeroscape Studio Founder – Emmanuel

The Akure based team are still deep in development with no prospective release date on the horizon, however to follow the games progress as well as to wishlist it, feel free to head on to the Steam page.