Driven by the maxim’ Games made in Africa,’ the Democratic Republic of Congo Outfit, Gara, has lifted the veil on a new game still in Development, Kongo Dynastie, a 2D action platformer game.

Gara is an Android marketplace dedicated to promoting and making creative content from Africa available for purchase. The store allows users with diverse tastes in different creative works to purchase premium content such as games and comics. Gara allows anyone based in Africa to buy this digital content using mobile money or credit card without intermediaries in a bid to put the money directly into the content creator’s pocket. Founder Teddy Kossoko of Masseka Game Studio envisioned creating a platform to better suit African creators’ needs by allowing developers to sell their content anywhere in Africa, revolutionising the continent’s economies.

In Kongo Dynastie, the player traverses the Kingdom of Kongo while learnings bits of history about the kingdom and its King, ManiKongo. The game’s environment and character designs are beautifully designed to bring out the country’s art and culture. The released gameplay footage has also showcased various enemies, such as charging warthogs and banana-throwing monkeys, providing a fun yet challenging experience. The Kingdom Of Kongo existed from the 14th to the 19th centuries. It consisted of land in present-day Angola, Gabon, the Republic of the Congo and the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

As players await the launch of the Kongo Dynastie, interested parties can download Gara for PC or  Android from their official website