The largest game development competition in the world, the Global Game Jam (GGJ), takes place regularly in places all over the world and several African countries are set to play host to the event from Friday, 3rd February to Sunday, 5th   February 2023.

In essence, a “game jam” is a hackathon with a game development focus. The game jam facilitates the purposeful coming together of creative video game developers to share experiences and express themselves in a multitude of ways using video games. The weekend ignites a creative flurry in the video game industry while examining the production process, whether it is programming, iterative design, narrative exploration, or creative and artistic expression. The entire process is condensed into a 48-hour development cycle.

Rwanda and Kenya’s GGJ organizers have stated their ambition to host the annual game jam in person. In Kenya, host Jay Shapiro have revealed that for this year, game devs shall work in teams of a maximum of 4 people and will be challenged to come up with an amazing, original new game matching a surprise theme that will be revealed only on Friday, 3rd February.

This year GGJ 2023 Kigali Site East Africa edition is live and they are officially taking in registrations. For registrations and more details:

The GGJ encourages participation from individuals from all walks of life to further the globalization of game development and innovation. The jam is renowned for increasing opportunities for the gaming community, fostering new friendships, and boosting the confidence of game developers to continue working and developing games for various demographics of people. It is for this reason that GGJ earns the title of being an intellectual challenge. Participants are urged to experiment with new technological tools, try different roles in game production, and test their talents to plan, develop, create, test, and produce a new game in just 48 hours.

The Kenyan event is open to everyone. To RSVP, visit this Meetup link.