Game Hermits is an Egyptian-based game studio. They work mainly on outsourcing services as well as original IPs. Psycho x Prey is their newest original IP. It is an asymmetric online survival game tailor-made for mobile devices. The studio officially announced the title early this year (2022) and had its beta announcement on the 29th of October 2022.

In Psycho x Prey, players get to choose a psycho-prey character pair and get spawned randomly as a psycho or a prey in the next match.

If a player is spawned as the selected psycho, they will have to work with their team to take down all prey team members or trap them until the match time is up.

If a player is spawned as the selected prey, they will have to work with their team to ensure that at least one of them finds and reaches the escape point.

Each character has its own unique skill and backstory, and the game has an overall story that will be told through live events.

Game Hermits is looking to soft launch sometime in the second quarter of the next year (2023). However, their closed beta testing session will be held at the end of December 2022.

The team at Game Hermits participated in a ton of different local events in October 2022, where they received an overwhelming amount of positive feedback.

Kamal Aittah the CEO of Game Hermits had the following to say. “We are so happy with the overwhelmingly positive feedback on the game. It has given us the courage to take the game to publishers and investors as we take part in global events. Registration to the closed beta can be done via this link.