Aurion KGF, a mobile game from Cameroonian video game studio KIRO’O GAMES, has achieved a 150% growth in average revenue per customer and a 57.62% growth in overall revenue, after its latest update.

Aurion: Kajuta Gems Fighter which was recognized with numerous awards at GIAA 2021 has been undergoing numerous internal testing and rebalancing of the games economy which resulted in the recent spike.

Although video games are still in their pioneering phase in Africa, there are already some premium African players: 

One of our players made a payment of 10,000 FCFA in the game. If we succeed in scaling well throughout French-speaking Africa, it is possible that we will find 10,000 other Africans who spend this amount regularly in our games. 

Olivier Madiba, Founder & CEO.

After having rebalanced the game and its rates,

On the Cameroonian market:

  • From a range of [100FCFA -500FCFA] to a new range of [250FCFA – 10,000 FCFA] on the Cameroonian market 

On the global market:

  • From [0.99USD to 4.99USD] to a new range of [1.99USD to 49.99 USD]

The studio can now earn much more per payout/conversion than it used to, going from an average of 250XAF revenue per transaction to 625XAF.

The next step is therefore to monetize in Senegal and Côte d’Ivoire, two countries where the company has a strong player base and payment tests on an alpha version have been very successful.