A couple of solo developers from Nigeria, Dooshima Anger and Daniel Shotan have unveiled progress on projects showcasing the growing pool of creative wealth permeating from one of the continents increasingly important players.

Inuv8 Studios which is fronted by Daniel Shotan is working on a game for multiple platforms. Midnight Dreams follows a Phantom Spirit, who is created from the cries of Sleepers who are unable to wake up from their slumber as the bridge between the Realms of Reality and of Spirits is broken. This Bridge is Dreams.
‘Tunu, our main Character, is to journey through Dreams restoring its broken pillars whilst fending off horrible Nightmares and solving Puzzles to get to the Keeper of Dreams and do what no Phantom has done.

Inspired by titles such as Gris, Journey and the Ori series, the ambition is to launch the game across multiple platforms.

From independent developer Dooshima Anger, comes a much smaller affair in the form of a non-action survival game called Granny Don’t Die.

Whilst the developer has ambitions to develop the Unity powered game for PC, she is currently focusing on the mobile version.

Both developers hope to have playable builds available in 2023.