Made by Africa, Loved by the World is a campaign run by Meta and started in 2021 to celebrate Africa’s growing cultural impact on the world. On Africa Day which was held on the 25th of May, Meta spotlighted eight leading African creators who are changing the way Africa is viewed on the international stage. Among the eight were BlackRhinoVR from Kenya and Discovery Museum from Nigeria.

BlackRhinoVR is an award-winning Extended Reality Agency that creates bespoke VR and AR solutions and content that are adaptable and relevant to the African market. They work with local and international brands. Discovery Museum is Africa’s first digital museum devoted to shaping the narrative of culture and people using immersive and innovative methods of curation such as AR/VR.

Meta partnered with Pixel Chefs to create an interactive AR filter to provide the Instagram community with a tool to celebrate the occasion, with the vibrancy and liveliness of Africa at heart. Pixel Chefs is a South African immersive digital solutions company.

In addition to the special mentions and collaborations with African companies, Meta also held free virtual training sessions. The training sessions were aimed at providing upcoming creatives and entrepreneurs with the digital know-how to take their ideas global.

The training topics included:

  1. Reels School: Learn all about Reels on Facebook and Instagram, as well as top tips and best practices to help connect with more people.
  2. Cross Border Business: Discover how to explore different markets, reach new customers, localise marketing and optimise campaigns.
  3. Monetization 101: Discover ways to monetise owned content on Facebook and Instagram, as well as learn more about best practices and eligibility requirements.
  4. Branded Content- Get Future Ready: Find out more about creator marketing on Meta platforms including best practices, and creative tips.
  5. Step into AR: Dip into the world of the metaverse through the lens of Augmented Reality (AR) and explore the what, why and how of AR to help create incredible AR experiences people will love.

Kezi Anim-Addo the Communications Director at Meta’s Sub-Saharan Africa office had the following to say. “ This campaign is about showcasing the incredible talent we have here on the continent and the African people and businesses that are not only contributing to the global agenda but are forging their own paths. At Meta, we remain invested in Africa and know that this is home to some of the world’s most talented and inspired individuals, we’re delighted to be sharing just some of these stories through our ‘Made by Africa, Loved by the World’ campaign.”