On the 13th of May 2022 Rwanda Game Developers Association hosted Peter Zetterberg from Microsoft (Xbox) and Jonas Martensson from Mojang Studios. Thomas Shiva and Alex Ntale were among the members of the Association that were present to welcome Peter and Jonas to the land of a thousand hills and introduce them to the local games industry 

The mission of Rwanda Game Developers Association is to raise awareness of the opportunities that are rife in the gaming industry to gamers and developers. They organize various industry events and intend to extend the reach of games made from Rwanda and Africa as a whole.

On an online post Thomas Shiva the CEO of Digital Realm Entertainment said, “ We are happy and honored to be one of the first countries to host the Xbox Game Camp on the African continent. This is a very good opportunity for local talent to learn about the process of making games by working on projects from A to Z and also for other talents looking to reskill into the games industry regardless of their past background.”

Thomas Shiva added, “ Although the game camp hasn’t started yet (it will probably happen next year) we are now working on ways to make it happen. Mr. Peter introduced everyone to Xbox Game Camp. What is remaining is administration work. We intend to work with some local private and government institutions in order to prepare for the event.”

The goal of the Xbox Game Camp is to enable people from traditionally marginalized communities to realize their potential in the gaming industry and grow thriving game communities and industries in places all over the world. The Rwanda Game Developers Association will be their entry point into the continent.