Great news for Kenyan based female developers. A business skill training for creative women in Kenya is scheduled to start from the 18th of April 2022 to last for 12 weeks. The training program, implemented by GIZ in partnership with Goethe Institut and HEVA Fund, is part of the global project Culture and Creative Industries (CCI), active in six countries. 

This project looks into innovative support models for actors in the Creative field, focusing mainly on the sub-sectors Music and Digital Industries, i.e., gaming, animation, and new technologies, i.e., Virtual and Augmented Reality.

It aims to upskill young women entrepreneurs into building sustainable and local products to strengthen and support the culture and creative industry and its actors.

The training will consist of a series of online courses that will span over 12 weeks. The online workshop will contain a series of modules including, but not limited to, modules such as:

  • Understanding Creative Entrepreneurship
  • Building blocks for a healthy creative business
  • Knowing where your money is
  • Understanding laws and regulations for creative businesses.
  • Understanding your Product

For this second session of Business Skills Training For Creatives, the focus will be on women creatives. The goal of this training is to improve the employment and income prospects of creative professional women in Kenya. 

The series of courses will provide the selected participants with better business and legal understanding, as well as various tools relevant to their fields that will help them flourish effectively within any commercial and organizational setting.

Eligible candidates may be shortlisted for a stipend – 100% attendance of the programme is a prerequisite for the stipend.