Calling all new and aspiring African game developers. Code Coven, the first global award-winning game development accelerator, is taking the next step in ensuring game creation is even more accessible for marginalised game developers. Unity’s Charitable Fund, has generously provided a grant of $100,000, enabling Code Coven to offer four new chances for learners to sign up for the Introduction to Game Making by Code Coven course. Two additional classes will be offered with two cohorts each.  

Introduction to Game Making by Code Coven is an entry-level, online course, primarily for adults who identify with marginalised genders, with a curiosity for games. Throughout 2022,  four Introduction to Game Making by Code Coven courses will be available with approximately 15 students per course, ensuring that these students will receive individualised attention and support. The grant from the Unity’s Charitable Fund will provide subsidised education to over 50  students.

“Introductory classes and early career programs for marginalized developers are essential to fixing our industry’s lack of representation. These classes are my favorite to teach because I get to work with talented individuals who are coming to game creation from a multitude of backgrounds and skill sets. They bring unique inspirations and stories to our classroom and are so excited to collaborate with others.” said Francesca Carletto-Leon, Head of Curriculum at Code Coven.  

“We’re not only learning foundational knowledge and skills, but we’re also building a network of friendships that will continue supporting them into their careers. These students are the future of our industry, and I’m honored that I get to be a small part of their journey!”

Each course of eight weeks allows students to learn how to use Unity to build games or other interactive media projects, both 2D and 3D. In addition to cultivating technical skills, students will have guidance, mentorship, and professional development coaching with industry experts to empower them with the confidence necessary to succeed. The access to mentors and job opportunities will be provided through the Code Coven community.

These courses will be held during the following dates:

  • Monday 23rd May – Thursday 14th July, 2022
  • Monday 22nd August – Thursday 13th October, 2022

Each of these courses will be available to all students who are selected through our scholarship application process. Our scholarship program awards outstanding aspiring game developers a seat in our Introduction to Game Making course that enables students to learn the skills to kickstart their game making careers. For more information, please feel free to email

“Code Coven’s goal of empowering underrepresented developers with knowledge, resources, and personalized support to reduce barriers to entry into the games and creative tech industries is directly in line with Unity Social Impact’s vision to provide economic opportunity to underrepresented creators,” said Jessica Lindl, Vice President, Social Impact, Unity. “When we equip creators with learning opportunities that they may not have otherwise had, we directly impact their future earning potential, by providing them with the tools to thrive in the future economy.” 

You can apply for a spot in the course starting today.