Eyram Tawia the CEO of Leti Arts announced the release of the first-ever comic with a super heroine from Africa living with Albinism. The comic Blind Frontiers: Niuma’s Tale is based on Teninke Camara’s Blind Frontiers video game that is set to be released in 2024. The video game is currently under development by a French studio, Blind Bend Studios where Teninke is a Founder.

During the launch of the comic Teninke Camara said, “We are currently 100% focused on the video game, but now we have 10% more. So I am very busy during this period of time that we are working on the comic. We are fully at the prototype stage of the video game. We are testing all the game mechanics to see if they work well with what we want the player to experience. And then we will go to the full production but first, we will have to meet some producers.”

The game Blind Frontiers is based in a postwar world, you will embody  Niuma a young girl with Albinism. Niuma has a makeshift truck that she uses to navigate the devastated (No) Man’s Land. Through a dying environment populated by memorable characters, the player should prepare to face the stigma of living with Albinism while managing their resources to overcome obstacles and survive.

The comic tells the back story of Niuma the game character. Eyram highlighted that the collaboration was made possible by the support of the Institut of Francais Ghana under the French residency program. He gave special thanks to the Ghana Association of Persons with Albinism (GAPA) for their massive support.

He closed off the announcement by saying, “We believe and trust this initiative will go a long way to champion the cause of inclusion, albinism and many more to help educate us all on the condition.” The release date of the comic has not yet been revealed. Once released it will be available on Africomix which is an online comic app by Leti Arts as well as on Amazon and Kindle.