Pretoria based developer, Estelle Mmathapelo Makhoba has lifted the lid on two exciting and ambitious projects currently in development.

Renowned for embarking on indie projects based on her own experiences, the new projects sees her collaborate with some uniques creatives.

For the game Ambi, which has been in development for almost a year sees her team up with software developer, Clayton Barnard. Ambi is a top down roguelike dungeon crawler that explores themes of mental health to create gameplay and tell a moving tale. The game focuses heavily on combat and puzzle solving, where the player will try to coax NPC’s to help overcome enemies and help progression.

Dungeon Crawler is the second project and is an action Dungeon Crawler where the player manipulates their view using their imagination as a mechanic to solve puzzles and defeat enemies. 

The game was born as part of the Code Coven 2020 summer programme by Estelle Makhoba, Joe Ruotolo (a 3D artist who specializes in lowpoly work for games) and Kate Howell under the moniker Tiny Baby Crown.

The game is still in development with the team currently on the hunt for publishing.